In creating value and wellbeing for clients, partners, shareholders and the community, BANCA SIMETICA recognises and respects the following principles:


Ethically oriented finance is not synonymous with charity. Rather, it is an important and productive economic activity that pursues social as well as economic goals.

Transparency and Confidentiality

Investors have the right to information about their bank’s business activities. They also have the right to privacy.

Social and environmental responsibility

The company, as a key player, must propose solutions and make well-timed decisions with determination and professionalism while respecting the community and the environment.

Rationality and prudence

Acting responsibly and avoiding wastefulness in all areas of life, working according to one’s fundamental values and conscience are sources of tremendous self-esteem and the key to self-motivation.

Valuing human resources

The company is fully committed to identifying, developing and building on the individual skills of its human resources.

Sense of belonging

The company, its clients and partners are all part of one big team, proud of being Banca Simetica: every single one is important and valuable.